Jean-Marie Bard

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BACKGROUND Plant sterols are an established non-pharmacological means to reduce total and LDL blood cholesterol concentrations and are therefore recommended for cholesterol management by worldwide-renown health care institutions. Their efficacy has been proven in many types of foods with the majority of trials conducted in spreads or dairy products. As an(More)
A quantitative evaluation of cerebellar ataxia, with an ataxia score (total, static, kinetic) and the measurement of objective values related to the major symptoms, is proposed. 21 patients with heredo-ataxias were treated for 12 months with high doses (16 mg/kg/day) of D-L-5-HTP, L-5-HTP or the association D-L-5-HTP (16 mg/kg/day)-Benserazide(6 mg/kg/day).(More)
Short-latency SEPs following stimulation of the median nerve at the wrist have been studied in 6 patients suffering from dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica (DCM). Cervical N14 and scalp-recorded P15 potentials were found to be normal in patients with appropriate recording conditions. The N20 potential, usually recorded in normals in the parietal region(More)
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