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Various types of visual analogue scales (VAS) are used in epidemiologic and clinical research. This paper reports on a randomized controlled trial to investigate the effects of variations in the orientation and type of scale on bias and precision in cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses. This trial was included in the pilot study of the SU.VI.MAX(More)
Diffuse WHO grade II and III gliomas (DGII/IIIG) are rare tumors, with few specific epidemiological studies. We aimed at describing the geographical distribution of a homogeneous series of histologically confirmed DGII/IIIG, over a four-year period (2006-2009), at a national level. The methodology is based on a multidisciplinary national network already(More)
We evaluated the reliability of a French version of the Wisconsin Sleep Questionnaire designed to investigate snoring, obstructive apnoeas, and sleeping problems. The assessment of reliability included the study of internal consistency and the 3 months repeatability of the questionnaire. The questionnaire was first completed at a Center of Preventive(More)
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