Jean-Marc Vannobel

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—We propose in this paper to reconstruct the plau-sibility function curve in combination operations on continuous consonant basic belief densities (bbd). First are presented properties of nested focal elements that lead to a set based graphical representation of focal sets. Examples of belief functions for classical pdfs precedes then a proposal of(More)
As part of the theory of belief functions, we address the problem of appraising the similarity between bodies of evidence in a relevant way using metrics. Such metrics are called evidential distances and must be computed from mathematical objects depicting the information inside bodies of evidence. Specialization matrices are such objects and, therefore, an(More)
In this paper, we establish a link between belief functions on real numbers and the maximal coherent sets obtained in the framework of possibilistic distributions. Having proposed an original disjunctive rule of combination in the framework of continuous belief functions, we demonstrate theoretically that maximal coherent sets can be viewed as a particular(More)
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