Jean-Marc Ruiz

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Paraoxonase is a high-density-lipoprotein-associated enzyme capable of hydrolysing lipid peroxides. Thus it might protect lipoproteins from oxidation. It has two isoforms, which arise from a glutamine (A isoform) to arginine (B isoform) interchange at position 192. The relevance of this polymorphism to coronary heart disease (CHD) in non-insulin-dependent(More)
Grapefruit juice increases blood concentrations of some dihydropyridine calcium-channel blockers, which are metabolised by the P450 enzymes that also metabolise cyclosporin. We evaluated, in a randomised cross-over study, the effect of grapefruit juice on blood cyclosporin concentrations in 14 healthy adults. Each subject was given oral cyclosporin 300 mg(More)
373 (59%) out of 636 faecal specimens obtained during the first 2 years of life of 72 Mexican children yielded adherent Escherichia coli (HEp-2 cells). Strains with localised adherence were significantly associated with acute non-bloody diarrhoea, whereas strains with aggregative adherence were significantly associated with persistent diarrhoea. Half the(More)
Hotelbetreiber, Hausbesitzer etc.) und die nötigen Informationen liefern, damit praktische Situationen verstanden und bewältigt werden können. Vorbemerkung: Der Ausdruck Legionella spp. (Spezies) umfasst alle Arten der Gattung Legionella. Modul 9 Abklärung von im Alltag erworbenen Legionellosen (" community-acquired legionellosis "). 9-1 Modul 10 Suche nach(More)
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