Jean-Marc Piveteau

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A blind signature scheme is a protocol for obtaining a signature from a signer such that the signer's view of the protocol cannot be linked to the resulting message-signature pair. Blind signature schemes are used in anonymous digital payment systems. Since the existing proposals of blind signature schemes provide perfect unlinkability, such payment systems(More)
Many proposed payment systems allow the payer to remain anonymous during a transaction. However, this unconditional privacy protection could be misused by criminals, e.g. for blackmailing or money laundering. With a fair payment system, anonymous payments are still possible, but the anonymity can be removed with the help of a trusted party which need not be(More)
Previously proposed anonymous electronic payment systems have the drawback that the bank has to maintain large databases, which is a handicap for the realization of such systems. In this paper, we present a practical anonymous payment system that signiicantly reduces the size of such databases. It uses the concept of anonymous accounts and ooers anonymity(More)
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