Jean-Marc Péron

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Anatomical variations of the stylohyoid apparatus are frequent. Two types can occur: an elongation of the stylohyoid ligament, from a long styloid process to a complete ossified structure connecting the skull base to the lesser horn of the hyoid bone, or the existence of supernumerary bones in the stylohyoid fibrous matrix, which sometimes resembles(More)
OSCE for evaluating clinical competence still remains limited in France. This study presents the results of the first experimental use of an OSCE as a formative assessment of French general practice trainees. Fifty trainees rotated through a circuit of 15 standardized patient-based OSCE cases. Differences in scores were determined by analysis of variance.(More)
Though there are common variations of the internal jugular vein (IJV), fenestrations are extremely rare. The lateral branch of the accessory nerve classically goes through the fenestration. We report a case of an empty fenestration of the IJV that was discovered during clearance of cervical lymph nodes. Original operative and radiographic images are shown.
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