Jean Marc Linares

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The aim of this work is to provide an in-depth understanding of the surface integrity produced by various machining conditions and workpiece inclination angles using high speed finish ball end-milling of the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V. Inclined milling with hemispherical-end tool generates a variation of the effective cutting speed which depends on additional(More)
The development of a complete system of inspection and quality control of manufactured parts requires the coordination of a set of complex processes allowing data acquisition, their dimensional evaluation and their comparison with a reference model. By definition, the parts inspection is the comparison between measurement results and the theoretical(More)
− In this paper, mathematical tools, like Monte Carlo simulations and direct propagation methods based on the GUM, are experienced to calculate the uncertainty of a datum reference in orthopedic surgery. In the last approach, the Jacobian matrices of the measurement process are determined either by analytical calculus or through numerical computations. The(More)
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