Jean-Marc Koller

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Four aphasic patients were tested in several tasks to determine their ability to use syntactic information. Two patients classified as Broca's aphasics and presenting markedly different levels of severity of aphasia were deficient in their ability to use syntactic information in sentence comprehension and construction. It is argued that the syndrome of(More)
A study is reported of a single case of conduction aphasia. A battery of tasks designed to investigate the parameters of the patient's severe repetition deficit is supplemented by tests of several language functions. The results provide extensive information on a wide range of the patient's language abilities and are used to evaluate the adequacy of four(More)
The HeartCycle EU research project aims to provide disease management solutions for cardiac patients. Developed within HeartCycle, IMAGE is a wearable device capable of acquiring ECG, bioimpedance, and acceleration measurements. The acquired signals are stored in onboard memory and processed, while the results are wirelessly transmitted in real time to a(More)
Objective. Long-term radiological and clinical outcome retrospective study of surgical treatment for T12 and L1 burst fractures in perspective of sagittal balance measures. Methods. Patients with age of 16-60 years, complete radiographs, early surgical treatment surgery, and follow-up (F/U) > 18 months were included and strict exclusion criteria applied.(More)
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