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A Bourdieusian Theory of Translation, or the Coincidence of Practical Instances
Abstract This article attempts to adapt Pierre Bourdieu’s sociological theory of symbolic goods to translation by highlighting points of convergence between the reflections of the sociologist and
Translation and the Shape of Things to Come
AbstractThis article provides a study in the sociology of translation, applied to the process of importing American science fiction into France during the 1950s. Boris Vian, Raymond Queneau and
Ethos, Ethics and Translation
Abstract Antoine Berman’s theory of translation ethics is open to criticism in terms of Pierre Bourdieu’s analysis of symbolic productions. To understand the general ethics of translation, our scope
The Stakes of Translation in Literary Fields
This article proposes to examine the stakes of translation in literary texts. Inspired by Pierre Bourdieu's theory of culture, it uses the notions of habitus, field and illusio in the framework of
Objectivation, réflexivité et traduction: Pour une re-lecture bourdieusienne de la traduction
In translation studies, the major contribution of Bourdieu’s theory resides, in my view, in the elaboration of the notions field, habitus , and illusio , in the definition of the symbolic capital and
Outline of a sociology of translation informed by the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu
In this article I put forward a sociology of translation informed by the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu. Founded on a theory of action, this theory may be defined as a theory of translation practice.