Jean-Marc Dupont

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The modeling and simulation of a realistic nervous tissue are difficult because of the number of implied cell types (neuronal and glial), the topology of the networks, and the various heterogeneous molecular mechanisms. The MTIP (Mathematical Theory of Integrative Physiology) is used as a new modeling approach based on a representation in terms of(More)
The objective in this work is twofold: (i) to illustrate the use of the Mathematical Theory of Integrative Physiology (MTIP) [13], that is a general theory and practical method for the systematic and progressive mathematical integration of physiological mechanisms; (ii) to study a complex neurobiological system taken as an example, i.e., the synaptic(More)
Recurrent incident reports indicate that ground operators have not always performed the right action or made the right decision following maintenance operations of transport systems. This paper explores first the physical-physiological requirements for a human to perceive right the meaning of symbolic properties technical objects afford when they are being(More)
The modeling and the simulation of biological structure needs a united formalism for all parts of a living system. For this purpose the MTIP (Mathematical Theory of Integrative Physiology) has been developed, by Pr Gilbert Chauvet, to offer an integrated description of a living system. In this paper we will present mainly the passage from a mathematical(More)
This work aims to show on a very concrete example that simulations (In-Silico experiments) can help drug discovery process and therapeutic strategies search. Such an approach must be based, to reflect the complexity of physiological systems, on a modeling methodology taking into account several organization levels and time scales, and focused on(More)
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