Jean-Marc David

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Glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness is a disease characterized by loss of neural tissue over time. The key issue in dealing with this disease is early detection of its presence or progression, with the rapid initiation or advancement of appropriate treatment. Quantitative analysis of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) via image processing of(More)
Le Bulletin de l'Association Française pour l'Intelligence Artificielle vise à fournir un cadre de discussion et d'échanges au sein de la communauté uni-versitaire et industrielle. Ainsi, toutes les contributions, pour peu qu'elles aient un intérêt général pour l'ensemble des lecteurs, sont les bienvenues. En particulier, les annonces, les comptes rendus de(More)
INTRODUCTION Coriaria myrtifolla L. (Redoul) is a shrub of the Mediterranean area. Poisoning with this plant is often accidental, following ingestion of the plant's fruit that are often mistaken for blackberries. OBSERVATIONS Having eaten Coriaria myrtifolla L. berries, three sisters suffered from acute poisoning. One died. COMMENTS Toxic effects are(More)
The purposes of this project were to summarize more than 279 standard botanical names and their 2294 vernacular ones (French common names, Arabic common names and Moroccan common names) for the first part of database named "Botanicus". The second part of this data base named "Phytotox", concerns relevant toxic data of 120 plants available in Mediterranean(More)
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