Jean-Marc Cosset

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PURPOSE Enhanced DNA repair activity is often associated with tumor resistance to radiotherapy. We hypothesized that inhibiting DNA damage repair would sensitize tumors to radiation-induced DNA damage. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN A novel strategy for inhibiting DNA repair was tested. We designed small DNA molecules that mimic DNA double-strand breaks (called(More)
Apoptosis can be triggered by cytotoxic agents and radiation currently used in cancer treatment. However, the apoptotic response appears to vary between cell types (normal or transformed) and between types of malignancy. Thus, irradiation induces apoptosis in normal human lymphocytes but not in lymphocytes derived from a subset of chronic lymphocytic(More)
In the era of modern radiation therapy, the compromise between the reductions in deterministic radiation-induced toxicities through highly conformal devices may be impacting the stochastic risk of second malignancies. We reviewed the clinical literature and evolving theoretical models evaluating the impact of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) on(More)
This study was designed to compare two different modalities of TBI which are currently used in clinical practice. The same dose of 750 cGy was given to CBA mice either in a single dose at a low dose rate (4 cGy min-1) (STBI) or in a fractionated regimen (six fractions of 125 cGy three times a day) at a higher dose rate (25 cGy min-1) (FTBI). After TBI(More)
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