Jean Marc Boyer

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First-year survival of December-planted loblolly pine seedlings sampled from 20 nurseries ranged from 36 to 86%. Various characteristics of the seedlings including root growth potential (RGP), shoot/root ratio, root weight and stem length were correlated with survival. A regression model using the number of new roots >/= 0.5 cm and the shoot/root ratio(More)
Synthesis of nanometric platelet-like Ni(OH)2 particles is described. The role of several experimental parameters on the particle size is investigated. A colloidal dispersion of particles is produced by adsorbing ionizable organic ligands (trisodium citrate) on the particle surface. The stability of this colloidal dispersion and the particle charge density(More)
There is always a special interest in trying to predict transitions, crisis, social revolutions, catastrophic events like the end of the world and, nowadays judging by the number of spam messages coming from clairvoyants, we strongly believe that the interest in predicting events of every type is growing fast. Almost always catastrophic events are produced(More)
In three-dimensional space set up a cylindrical coordinate system (r, $, z). The Hahn-Mazurkiewicz theorem characterizes Peano spaces (locally connected metric (compact) continua) as the continuous images of the closed unit interval I on the z-axis. In this note we obtain an extension theorem for Peano spaces (henceforth called Pspaces) based upon this(More)
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