Jean - Marc Boucher

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A new monaural method for the suppression of late room reverberation from speech signals, based on spectral subtraction, is presented. The problem of reverberation suppression differs from classical speech de-noising in that the “reverberation noise” is non stationary. In this paper, the use of a novel estimator of the non-stationary reverberationnoise(More)
This paper presents an automatic analysis method of the P-wave, based on lead II of a 12 lead standard ECG, which will be applied to the detection of patients prone to atrial fibrillation (AF), one of the most frequent arrhythmias. It focuses first on the segmentation of the electrocardiogram P-wave, which is performed in two steps: first, detection of the(More)
In this paper, a performance comparison of different classification algorithms based on the evidence theory of Dempster-Shafer will be presented. The comparison is illustrated on Landsat Multispectral Scanner (Landsat MSS) data whose ground truth is provided. A modification of the Denoeux's model [1] is proposed showing better and more stable classification(More)
During acquisition and transmission, images are often corrupted by additive noise. The aim of an image denoising algorithm is then to reduce the noise level, while preserving the image features. The acquired image is expressed as: n s f + = , where s represents the noiseless input image and n the noise. Generally n is considered as AWGN. Computing a WT of(More)
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