Jean-Marc Blaquière

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Epoxy molded package and silicone gel module are compared in short-circuit failure mode with respect to critical energy, I<sup>2</sup>T<inf>melting</inf> and explosion energy capabilities. The molded technology yields a very low and stable R<inf>sc</inf> &#x0022;residual ohmic value&#x0022; of the dies in low energy short failure which are analyzed through(More)
 Abstract—This paper deals with a hybrid fault-tolerant converter topology. It is performed through the connection of a classical three-phase three-level Neutral Point Clamped (3L-NPC) converter with a fourth three-level Flying Capacitor (3L-FC) leg. The 3L-FC leg actively balances the 3L-NPC neutral point voltage. For normal operation mode, this paper(More)
In this paper, the authors present a behavioral model of a GaN normally ON HEMT. Forward and reverse conductions are modelized. The modelling of both conduction modes is required to provide accurate diode-less synchronous switching-cell simulation. A dedicated transistor capacitance extraction procedure based on an analysis of turn-on and turn-off waveforms(More)
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