Jean-Marc Bénech

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3D models developed for improving industrial applications and characterizing plasma medium, need to be validated by experimental developments. Nevertheless, spectroscopic measurements on 3D plasmas are very complex and consequently, until now, there is a lack of experimental results. We developed an experimental 3D plasma characterization based on(More)
The connection of lipophilic gallic acid derivatives at the 5,5'- or 6,6'-positions of the rigid 2,6-bis(1-ethyl-benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine core provides two pro-mesogenic tridentate ligands L10 and L12, whose molecular shapes, anisometries, and directional intermolecular pi-stacking can be tuned. X-ray diffraction data in the crystalline state, combined(More)
Synthesis, absorption spectra and luminescebce properties of a series of lanthanide trisbipyridine cryptates Ln within R-Bpy x R-Bpy x R-Bpy, where Ln = Eu, Gd and R = H, COOH, COOCH3, CONH(CH2)2NH2 are described. Comparison of the unsubstituted parent compound with the substituted compounds shows that bipyridine substitution doesn't alter significantly the(More)
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