Jean-Marc Andreoli

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We present a new framework for amalgamating two successful programming paradigms: logic programming and object-oriented programming. From the former, we keep the delarative reading of programs. From the latter, we select two crucial notions: (i) the ability for objects to dynamically change their internal state during the computation; (ii) the structured(More)
This paper proposes a synthetic presentation of the Proof Construction paradigm, which underlies most of the research and development in the so-called “logic programming” area. Two essential aspects of this paradigm are discussed here: true nondeterminism et partial information. A new formulation of Focussing, the basic property used to deal with(More)
The development of communication infrastructures and the rapid growth of networking facilities in information technologies increase information mobility and the decentralisation of work processes in industry and services. This evolution leads to increasing demands on the coordination of information systems. However, information technologies available today(More)
The ultrasonically determined growth of the fetal liver during normal pregnancy is presented. The normal range of fetal liver sizes for each week of pregnancy from 20 weeks' gestation to term was determined. A linear relationship between fetal liver and abdominal circumference measurements also is described. Value and potential applications of this new(More)