Jean Manuel Fonseca Martins

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Atmospheric nitrogen oxides (NOx =NO+ NO2) play a pivotal role in the cycling of reactive nitrogen (ultimately deposited as nitrate) and the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere. Combined measurements of nitrogen and oxygen stable isotope ratios of nitrate collected in the Arctic atmosphere were used to infer the origin and fate of NOx and nitrate on a(More)
The degradation and ecotoxicity of sulfonylurea herbicide rimsulfuron and its major metabolites were examined in batch samples of an alluvial sandy loam and in freshwater. An HPLC-DAD method was adapted to simultaneously identify and quantify rimsulfuron and its metabolites, which was successfully validated by GC-MS analysis. In aqueous solutions, pure(More)
Soil sorption processes largely control the environmental fate of herbicides. Therefore, accuracy of sorption parameters is crucial for accurate prediction of herbicide mobility in agricultural soils. A combined experimental and statistical study was performed to investigate the small-scale spatial variability of sorption parameters for atrazine and dinoseb(More)
In this work, the problem of intracellular currents in longilinear bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, suspended in a physiological medium and submitted to a harmonic voltage (AC), is analyzed using the Finite-Element-based software COMSOL Multiphysics. Bacterium was modeled as a cylindrical capsule, ended by semi-spheres and surrounded by a dielectric cell(More)
The reactivity of paclobutrazol (PBZ, a plant growth retardant) with a Yellow Ultisol and a Vertisol from the semiarid northeast region of Brazil was evaluated through batch sorption experiments and modeling. Although not instantaneous, the sorption kinetic of PBZ (pure and formulated) was fast (a few hours) in both soils. The sorption kinetics were well(More)
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