Jean M Simms

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This paper describes a formula which, on solution, derives a prognostic index (PI) for predicting surgical complications using an anthropometric measurement and serum protein levels which may be obtained easily and rapidly. The formula was applied to three groups of patients, firstly 106 patients undergoing major surgical resection, secondly to 16 patients(More)
The results of endoscopic sclerotherapy are promising and, at first sight, this technique offers a relatively simple and widely available method of achieving definitive control and preventing rebleeding from the esophageal varices. While it is an attractive option to operation, there is a small but significant group of patients, both at initial presentation(More)
Maloney's mercury weighted dilators have been used to dilate benign oesophageal strictures in 109 patients in the outpatient department. A total of 524 dilatations have been performed. Following dilatation two patients had a small haematemesis but there have been no oesophageal perforations. Maloney's dilators can be used in the outpatient department(More)
A new physical sign is described in the feet of a group of diabetic patients with ulcerating neuropathic problems, in which major venous distension of the veins on the dorsum of the foot and lower calf is seen. Elevation of the leg is required to an average height of 32.3 cm to cause collapse of these distended veins. It is suggested that this clinical sign(More)
Recent reports have suggested the use of radio-iodine for the treatment of all cases of thyrotoxicosis. This paper evaluates the results of 627 patients undergoing subtotal thyroidectomy with a mean follow-up of 5 X 8 years. The most common complications were hypothyroidism (26 X 6 per cent) and recurrent thyrotoxicosis (2 X 6 per cent). Permanent(More)
INTRODUCTION This study describes the first full year of independent practice by a newly appointed nurse endoscopist in a district general hospital. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients underwent either 'one stop' flexible sigmoidoscopy and barium enema or flexible sigmoidoscopy alone. Barium enema results, video photography, clinical follow-up, and histology(More)