Jean M. Novak

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Rats with injections of 4 or 8 mg/kg of phencyclidine (PCP) are impaired in the acquisition of active avoidance learning and radial arm maze performance. This impairment was not due to a change in detectability of aversive stimuli or the inability to perform the correct response. The primary deficit appears to be the inability of PCP injected animals to(More)
Rats with electrodes implanted in dorsal hippocampus were trained to perform a delayed spatial matching-to-sample task on a radial arm maze. Subseizure level electrical stimulation of the dorsal hippocampus applied during the study phase disrupted retention of a specific arm when tested at a 20-min delay but had no effects at 1- and 12-min delays. There(More)
Long-Evans rats received septal lesions or sham operations and were tested for performance in a radial arm maze, level of activity and water intake in order to test whether recovery of function was mediated by sprouting of peripheral sympathetic fibers. Animals receiving septal lesions displayed an initial deficit in radial arm maze performance followed by(More)
American Nurses Association. (1994). A statement on psychiatric–mental health clinical nursing practice and standards of psychiatric–mental health clinical nursing practice. Washington, DC: Author. The association between interdisciplinary collaboration and patient outcomes in a medical intensive care unit. Heart and Lung, 21, 18-24.
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