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Natural products and health foods have recently received a lot of attention both by health professionals and the common population for improving overall well-being, as well as in the prevention of diseases including cancer. In this line, all types of fruits and vegetables have been re-evaluated and recognized as valuable sources of nutraceuticals. The great(More)
The present study was conducted to compare meiotic and cytoplasmic competence of prepubertal and adult porcine oocytes, and the effects of EGF (0 to 100 ng/mL), FSH (0 to 400 ng/mL) and prepubertal pFF (0 to 10%) on nuclear maturation. Prepubertal oocytes were less responsive to FSH and pFF than were adult oocytes in terms of stimulation of nuclear(More)
BACKGROUND Various obstacles are encountered by mammalian spermatozoa during their journey through the female genital tract, and only few or none will reach the site of fertilization. Currently, there are limited technical approaches for non-invasive investigation of spermatozoa migration after insemination. As the knowledge surrounding sperm behavior(More)
BACKGROUND Male infertility is a major problem for mammalian reproduction. However, molecular details including the underlying mechanisms of male fertility are still not known. A thorough understanding of these mechanisms is essential for obtaining consistently high reproductive efficiency and to ensure lower cost and time-loss by breeder. RESULTS Using(More)
BACKGROUND Fertility is one of the most critical factors controlling biological and financial performance of animal production systems and genetic improvement of lines. The objective of this study was to identify molecular defects in the sperm that are responsible for uncompensable fertility in Holstein bulls. We performed a comprehensive genome wide(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer chemoprevention is a new approach in cancer prevention, in which chemical agents are used to prevent cancer in normal and/or high-risk populations. Although chemoprevention has shown promise in some epithelial cancers, currently available preventive agents are limited and the agents are costly, generally with side effects. Natural(More)
OBJECTIVES Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is closely associated with the development of more than 95% of cervical cancer. Clinical trials using several chemopreventive agents are underway, but results are inconclusive. Most agents used in trials inhibited the growth of cancer cells in vitro, and about half of patients had some degree of clinical(More)
Spermatozoa deliver more than the paternal genome into the oocyte; they also carry remnant messenger RNA from spermatogenesis. The RNA profiles of spermatozoa from high-fertility and a low-fertility Holstein bulls were analysed using Affymetrix bovine genechips. A total of 415 transcripts out of approximately 24,000 were differentially detected in(More)
BACKGROUND Relaxin hormone peptide is found in porcine follicular and utero-tubal fluids, but its possible actions during early embryo development are still undetermined. Here, we investigated the effects of porcine relaxin during oocyte maturation and embryo development, and gene expression in the pig. METHODS Immature cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs)(More)
Quercetin, a flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables, belongs to an extensive class of polyphenolic compounds. Previous studies reported that quercetin inhibits the proliferation of various cancer cells and tumor growth in animal models. We investigated the growth inhibition and colony formation of quercetin on three bladder cancer cells (EJ, J82 and(More)