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Continuing education is now recognized as essential if nursing is to develop as a profession. United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (UKCC) consultations are currently seeking to establish appropriate preparation for a 'higher level of practice' in the United Kingdom. The relevance of Masters level education to developing(More)
This paper deals with one aspect of a major study, namely the meaning of social support, a concept loosely used in research and by practitioners. Grounded theory was adapted and discourse analysis used to retrospectively analyse data collected for a previous study exploring health visitors' support of patients with breast cancer. Patients' diagrams of their(More)
  • Jean Lugton
  • Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great…
  • 1997
In the first two articles, the author reports on research exploring the attitudes towards, and knowledge and experience of, caring for patients with breast cancer of health visitors (HVs) acting as resource personnel for colleagues. The study also examined how they used their knowledge and what difference it made to patients' coping ability at various(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the experiences of caregivers of terminally ill patients with delirium, to determine the potential role of caregivers in the management of delirium at the end of life, to identify the support required to improve caregiver experience and to help the caregiver support the patient. METHODS Four electronic databases were(More)
Grade mix within the district nursing team in the United Kingdom has changed markedly over the last 10 years but the relationship between grade mix and skill mix has received only intermittent research attention. This study adopted an ethnographic approach and aimed to explore the way in which grade and skill are taken into account in the delegation of(More)
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