Jean Luc Wybo

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Abs t r ac t . We aim at developing an operator support system which could be able to help and to guide the operator in decision making during the control of the plastic injection moulding process. The main objective is to optimise the injection process in order to decrease as possible the defects (increase the quality) during production. Our approach(More)
The Aramis method proposes a complete and efficient way to manage risk analysis by using the bow-tie representation. This paper shows how the bow-tie representation can also be appropriate for experience learning. It describes how a pharmaceutical production plant uses bow-ties for incident and accident analysis. Two levels of bow-ties are constructed:(More)
This paper proposes an implementation of a learning system for training of engineers to material observation and analysis. First, we present the objectives of this application. Then, we propose a decomposition of the system in modules and we describe the knowledge representation and the software architecture. Last, we illustrate the architecture by giving(More)
This paper presents the ARAMIS project accepted for funding in the 5 Framework Programme of the European Commission, which should start end 2001. ARAMIS project aims at developing a new risk assessment methodology which allows to evaluate the risk level of an industrial plant by taking into account prevention measures against major accidents. The(More)
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