Jean Luc Veyrune

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This cross-sectional study describes oral health problems in a sample of children with Down syndrome (DS) compared with their siblings. Data were collected using the Oral Assessment - Down Syndrome questionnaire, a validated French language evaluation to be completed by the child's carer. Parents attending a national meeting anonymously answered a(More)
Chewing efficiency may affect nutritional status in the elderly. Many elderly patients are complete denture wearers, and often present cognitive problems. Those two factors make evaluation of mastication difficult with experimental methods. Analysis of video recording may be a simple way to routinely assess chewing parameters. This study aimed at validating(More)
BACKGROUNDS AND AIMS The ability to evaluate masticatory function in people with neurological disabilities is important as this function is often compromised in these groups. However, current standard techniques are often impossible in such groups due to cognitive difficulties. This study is a validation of several variables read from standardised video(More)
Terminal B-cell differentiation is a multi-step process, from short-lived plasmablasts to mature long-lived plasma cells (PC). The anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member Bfl-1/A1 plays a critical role in the survival of mature B cells. However, its potential involvement at the later stages of B-cell development remains highly controversial. Our aim was thus to(More)
This study was undertaken to evaluate the sensitivity of denture wearers to different food textures and to follow masticatory pattern adaptation with variation in texture using electromyography (EMG) recordings. Nine patients with complete dentures and 9 dentate control patients without any oro-dental pathology were studied. Six different samples of beef(More)
BACKGROUND Patients scheduled for bariatric surgery (BS) are encouraged to chew slowly in order to optimise the digestion process. The influence of dental status on patients' ability to comply with advice on chewing behaviour is poorly documented. This study aims to compare modifications of chewing function before and after BS in three groups of obese(More)
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