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We present a catalog of high-energy gamma-ray sources detected by the Large Area Telescope (LAT), the primary science instrument on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (Fermi), during the first 11
The curvelet transform for image denoising
We describe approximate digital implementations of two new mathematical transforms, namely, the ridgelet transform and the curvelet transform. Our implementations offer exact reconstruction,
The First Fermi Large Area Telescope Catalog of Gamma-ray Pulsars
The dramatic increase in the number of known gamma-ray pulsars since the launch of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (formerly GLAST) offers the first opportunity to study a population of these
Image decomposition via the combination of sparse representations and a variational approach
A novel method for separating images into texture and piecewise smooth (cartoon) parts, exploiting both the variational and the sparsity mechanisms is presented, combining the basis pursuit denoising (BPDN) algorithm and the total-variation (TV) regularization scheme.
Sparse Solution of Underdetermined Systems of Linear Equations by Stagewise Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Stagewise Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (StOMP) successively transforms the signal into a negligible residual, and numerical examples showing that StOMP rapidly and reliably finds sparse solutions in compressed sensing, decoding of error-correcting codes, and overcomplete representation are given.
The Fermi-LAT High-Latitude Survey: Source Count Distributions and the Origin of the Extragalactic Diffuse Background
This is the first of a series of papers aimed at characterizing the populations detected in the high-latitude sky of the {\it Fermi}-LAT survey. In this work we focus on the intrinsic spectral and
Image Processing and Data Analysis - The Multiscale Approach
The wavelet transform is used for multiscale vision models, and its applications in remote sensing, 3D signal processing, and variation stabilisation are also studied.
The Undecimated Wavelet Decomposition and its Reconstruction
New filter banks specially designed for undecimated wavelet decompositions which have some useful properties such as being robust to ringing artifacts which appear generally in wavelet-based denoising methods are presented.
Fermi observations of cassiopeia and cepheus: Diffuse gamma-ray emission in the outer galaxy
We present the analysis of the interstellar gamma-ray emission measured by the Fermi Large Area Telescope toward a region in the second Galactic quadrant at 100 deg < l < 145 deg and -15 deg < b <