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Neutralising antibody titration in 25,000 sera of dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies in France, in the framework of the new regulations that offer an alternative to quarantine.
Regulations governing international movements of domestic carnivores from rabies-infected to rabies-free countries have recently been loosened, with the adoption of a system that combines vaccinationExpand
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ELISA test for rabies antibody titration in orally vaccinated foxes sampled in the fields.
The assessment of the efficacy of rabies oral vaccination campaigns requires the titration of specific antibodies in the target species. Unfortunately, in Continental Europe, most fox serum samplesExpand
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A quantitative indirect ELISA to monitor the effectiveness of rabies vaccination in domestic and wild carnivores.
This paper reports a new ELISA to measure the level of rabies anti-glycoprotein G antibodies after vaccination. The Platelia Rabies II kit was evaluated on different populations of dogs, cats andExpand
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Evaluation of a rabies ELISA as an alternative method to seroneutralisation tests in the context of international trade of domestic carnivores.
For several years, international movements with pets have greatly increased. Most countries have relaxed their quarantine measures and adopted a scheme combining vaccination of pets against rabiesExpand
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Evaluation of an ELISA to detect rabies antibodies in orally vaccinated foxes and raccoon dogs sampled in the field.
The assessment of the efficacy of oral vaccination in wildlife is based on detection in the teeth of a biomarker (tetracycline) which is incorporated in the vaccine bait, and the quantification ofExpand
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Immunogenicity and efficacy of Rabivac vaccine for animal rabies control in Morocco
Purpose To fight animal rabies, Moroccan veterinary authorities organize annual dog mass vaccination campaigns using Rabivac vaccine, an inactivated adjuvanted cell culture veterinary rabies vaccine.Expand
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Factors associated with dog rabies immunisation status in Bamako, Mali.
We conducted a cross-sectional survey in Bamako, Mali, to determine for the first time the seroprevalence of rabies virus antibodies in the dog population and people's knowledge, attitudes andExpand
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Cross-Platform Evaluation of Commercial Real-Time SYBR Green RT-PCR Kits for Sensitive and Rapid Detection of European Bat Lyssavirus Type 1
This study evaluates the performance of five two-step SYBR Green RT-qPCR kits and five one-step SYBR Green qRT-PCR kits using real-time PCR assays. Two real-time thermocyclers showing differentExpand
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Evaluation of six TaqMan RT-rtPCR kits on two thermocyclers for the reliable detection of rabies virus RNA
Rabies is diagnosed postmortem in animals, based on tests prescribed by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), such as the fluorescent antibody test, the direct rapid immunohistochemistryExpand
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Evaluation of an ELISA to detect rabies antibodies in wild (foxes and raccoon dogs) and domestic Carnivores (dogs and cats)
The international organizations (OIE, WHO and European Commission) have promoted the use of serological testing in addition to other specific requirements as an alternative to the quarantine for freeExpand