Jean-Luc Richier

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Several studies have shown that automated testing is a promising approach to save significant amounts of time and money in the industry of reactive software. But automated testing requires a formal framework and adequate means to generate test data. In the context of synchronous reactive software, we have built such a framework and its associated tool(More)
Runtime enforcement is a powerful technique to ensure that a program will respect a given set of properties. We extend previous work on this topic in several directions. Firstly, we propose a generic notion of enforcement monitors based on a memory device and finite sets of control states and enforcement operations. Moreover, we specify their enforcement(More)
Checking that a security policy has been correctly deployed over a network is a key issue for system administrators. Although this is a kind of conformance testing, there are a number of significant differences with the framework of such standards as IS9646. We propose a method to derive tests from a policy expressed as a set of rules, with a single(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze changing trends in the surgical treatment for localized carcinoma of the prostate in a large metropolitan community hospital over a 10-year period from 1984 to 1994. METHODS The records of all 428 patients who underwent radical prostatectomy for localized carcinoma of the prostate from January 1, 1984, to January 1, 1994, at a large(More)
Lutess is a tool that we developed for testing reactive synchronous software and which is being used in different industrial contexts. It offers several formal testing methods with automatic generation of test data from the environment specification. Lutess provides also an approach to assign a probability to the next event issued by the environment.(More)
The Home Automation System (HAS) is a service-oriented application that facilitates the automation of a private home to improve the comfort and security of its residents. HAS is implemented using a service-oriented architecture. Many of the services in the HAS dynamically change their configuration during run-time. This occurs due to change in availability(More)
PURPOSE Previous studies have demonstrated that the non-compliant bladder is characterized histologically by an increased deposition of extracellular matrix protein, especially type III collagen, in the muscle wall. We sought to determine if an increased tissue level of type III collagen messenger RNA (mRNA) parallels the observed increase in protein(More)
Designing a security policy for an information system (IS) is a non-trivial task. Variants of the RBAC model can be used to express such policies as access-control rules associated to constraints. In this paper, we advocate that currently available tools do not take sufficiently into account the functional description of the application and its impact on(More)