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We present a linear algorithm which generates randomly and with uniform probability many kinds of trees: binary trees, ternary trees, arbitrary trees, forests of p k-ary trees, : : :. The algorithm is based on the deenition of generic trees which can be coded as words. These words, in turn, are generated in linear time.rithme est bass sur la dddnition(More)
The concept of blurred segment is introduced, it allows the flexible segmentation of discrete curves, taking into account noise. Relying on an arithmetic definition of discrete lines [J.-P. Reveil-lès, Géométrie discrète, calculs en nombre entiers et algorithmique, Thèse d'état, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, 1991], it generalizes such lines,(More)
The well known Knuth and Bendix completion procedure computes a convergent term rewriting system from a given set of equational axioms. This procedure was extended to handle mixed sets of rules and equations in order to deal with axioms that cannot be used as rules without loosing the required termination property. The developed technique requires the(More)