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After characterization of a novel odorant-binding protein (OBP) variant isolated from the rat nasal mucus, the corresponding cDNA was cloned by RT-PCR. Recombinant OBP-1F, the sequence of which is close to that of previously reported rat OBP-1, has been secreted by the yeast Pichia pastoris at a concentration of 80 mg.L-1 in a form identical to the natural(More)
We present a linear algorithm which generates randomly and with uniform probability many kinds of trees: binary trees, ternary trees, arbitrary trees, forests of p k-ary trees, : : :. The algorithm is based on the deenition of generic trees which can be coded as words. These words, in turn, are generated in linear time.rithme est bass sur la dddnition(More)
Molecular forms of the porcine LH/CG receptor (pLHR) and complexes between hCG and either the full-length pLHR or its extracellular domain (ectodomain) have been produced in various recombinant systems. In COS cells and in the baculovirus insect cells system, the co-expression of the ecto- and endo-domains reconstituted a functional receptor where the(More)
The well known Knuth and Bendix completion procedure computes a convergent term rewriting system from a given set of equational axioms. This procedure was extended to handle mixed sets of rules and equations in order to deal with axioms that cannot be used as rules without loosing the required termination property. The developed technique requires the(More)