Jean-Luc Ponty

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A nite-state machine is called a Thompson machine if it can be constructed from a regular expression using Thompson's construction. We call the underlying digraph of a Thompson machine a Thompson digraph. We characterize Thompson digraphs and, as one application of the characterization, we give an algorithm that generates an equivalent regular expression(More)
Le but de cet article est de présenter un nouvel algorithme séquentiel en temps Ω(n 2) pour la conversion d'une expression rationnelle simple, ayant n occurrences de symboles, en son automate de Glushkov (automate d'´ etats finis, non nécessairement déterministe, sans ε-transitions, ayant n + 1 ´ etats, représenté par sa table de transitions). Les(More)
This paper presents the use of automata with multiplicities for the modelization of agent behaviours. Genetic algorithms can be defined on their probabilistic forms and are able to simulate adaptive behaviours. An application to a simulation of evolutive strategies in game theory is presented, specifically for the prisoner dilemma which is considered as a(More)
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