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So far, no common environmental and/or phenotypic factor has been associated with melanoma and renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The known risk factors for melanoma include sun exposure, pigmentation and nevus phenotypes; risk factors associated with RCC include smoking, obesity and hypertension. A recent study of coexisting melanoma and RCC in the same patients(More)
OBJECTIVE We report recent five-year experience in a large, single center series of severely burned and otherwise traumatized patients given cultured epithelial autografts (CEA) from a single commercial laboratory. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Initial optimism over CEA application has been tempered by subsequent reports asserting that this modality is(More)
The authors report a case of a severe thermal burn (70% of the surface of the body) in a pregnant woman who had 15 weeks amenorrhoea. The survival of the mother and the continuation of the pregnancy to term allowed a normal live baby to be born. As far as the authors know this is the fourth case history of a severe (more than 60% of the body) burn published(More)
Malignant Langerhans cell tumor is a rare malignant proliferation of Langerhans cells, with a negative prognosis due to its dissemination throughout the body, leading to death within 1 year. This disease has to be distinguished from Langerhans cell histiocytosis. The favorable evolution of a case of Langerhans cell tumor, characterized by the absence of(More)
UNLABELLED Objective. Clinical interest of silver in the management of chronic wounds is not fully established. The main objective of this clinical study was to assess the ability of a new silver releasing lipido-colloid contact layer to promote the healing process of venous leg ulcers (VLU) presenting inflammatory signs suggesting a heavy bacteria(More)
The venous–arterial difference in CO2 (ΔCO2) has been proposed as an index of the adequacy of tissue perfusion in shock states. We hypothesized that the variation in PaCO2 (hyper- or hypocapnia) could impact ΔCO2, partly through microcirculation adaptations. Fifteen healthy males volunteered to participate. For hypocapnia condition (hCO2), the subjects were(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate whether the handheld in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy that has been recently developed for the study of skin tumors is suitable for the diagnosis of conjunctival tumors. DESIGN Prospective study, observational case series. METHODS We prospectively evaluated the reflectance confocal microscopy features of 53 conjunctival(More)
INTRODUCTION Fabry's disease is due to alpha-galactosidase deficiency. This rare lysosomal storage disease is transmitted by recessive X-linked heredity. Sphingolipids (galactosyl-glucosyl-ceramide) accumulate in many organs. CASE REPORT A 19-year-old man with known hypoparathyroidism presented with telangiectasia and angiokeratomas on the buttocks, the(More)