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The most often used operator to aggregate criteria in decision making problems is the classical weighted arithmetic mean. In many problems however, the criteria considered interact, and a substitute to the weighted arithmetic mean has to be adopted. We show that, under rather natural conditions, the discrete Choquet integral is an adequate aggregation(More)
In this paper, we present a model allowing to determine the weights related to interacting criteria. This is done on the basis of the knowledge of a partial ranking over a reference set of alternatives (prototypes), a partial ranking over the set of criteria, and a partial ranking over the set of interactions between pairs of criteria.
This two-part state-of-the-art overview on aggregation theory summarizes the essential information concerning aggregation issues. An overview of aggregation properties is given, including the basic classification on ag-gregation functions. In this first part, the stress is put on means, i.e., averaging aggregation functions, both with fixed arity (n-ary(More)
This paper introduces four alternative representations of a set function: the Möbius transformation, the co-Möbius transformation, and the interactions between elements of any subset of a given set as extensions of Shapley and Banzhaf values. The links between the five equivalent representations of a set function are emphasized in this presentation .
The concept of system signature was introduced by Samaniego for systems whose components have i.i.d. lifetimes. We consider its extension to the continuous dependent case and give an explicit expression for this extension as a difference of weighted means of the structure function values. We then derive a formula for the computation of the coefficients of(More)
The concept of signature was introduced by Samaniego for systems whose components have i.i.d. lifetimes. This concept proved to be useful in the analysis of theoretical behaviors of systems. In particular, it provides an interesting signature-based representation of the system reliability in terms of reliabilities of k-out-of-n systems. In the non-i.i.d.(More)
Fifteen laparoscopic abdominal operations were performed in 14 patients treated by continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure. Celioscopic exploration of the abdomen and subsequent operation displayed several advantages specific to the method: identification of the etiology of scrotal dialysate outflow was achieved in 4 cases,(More)