Jean-Luc Gurtner

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The "effects" that various forms of "computer" use are likely to have on different children's learning, motivation, and social behavior have been a source of heated debate and continuing controversy. In this article, various aspects of this controversy are characterized, and sources of disagreement concerning educational computing are examined. Difficulties(More)
In Switzerland, 99% of teenagers own a mobile phone and use it as their primary spare-time activity. Exploiting the affordances that mobile devices have for fostering learning across contexts is therefore imperative for the educational community. This is especially true in the case of dual vocational education and training (VET) – a field under-investigated(More)
In 111 Patients with a wide range of renal function (normal to advanced renal failure) the renal clearances of Na-paraaminohippurate (CPAH) and of Na-orthojodohippurate--J125(COJ(J125(H) have been simultaneously determined under standardized clearance conditions. We found a significant correlation between the 2 parameters, defined by the equation CPAH =(More)
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