Jean-Luc Deltour

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The linearity of the detection system including the attenuator will directly affect the accuracy of 0 and should be considered when making calculations. Using Equation 8, resolution may be calculated for adjacent peaks that may vary in height as much as the dynamic range of the instrument. All that is required to make an accurate determination of 0 is the(More)
This paper presents the results of the Task Committee on Canal Automation Algorithms with regard to the influence of canal properties on the controllability of irrigation canals. While the control provided by individual algorithms was not evaluated, studies were performed to illustrate inherent hydraulic limitations -the inability of canal pools to recover(More)
A data reconciliation module, based on the measurements from the hydraulic network, has been recently developed and implemented in the supervisory system of the Société du Canal de Provence SCP . The software has initially been used daily to check the measured flow on the main canal. The data reconciliation occurs just after the measurement process. The(More)
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