Jean-Luc Chopard

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Ataxic hemiparesis is commonly considered as one of the "typical" lacunar syndromes. Using the prospective stroke registries from Lausanne and Besançon, 100 patients were selected consecutively (73% men, 27% women; age 64.7 (SD 13.6) years) with a first stroke and ataxic hemiparesis (hemiparesis or pyramidal signs and ipsilateral incoordination without(More)
The French neurologists and psychiatrists who were mobilized during the Great War were confronted with numerous soldiers with war neuroses, often with novel clinical manifestations such as camptocormia. They addressed hysteria and pithiatism according to concepts that had been formed before the war, and many doctors considered these soldiers to be(More)
Free-floating clots of the extracranial internal carotid artery are generally considered as surgical emergencies. This retrospective study analyzes six free-floating clots diagnosed by arteriography. Three of these patients had a fixed stroke while the other three had an evolving stroke. Three patients had antecedent ocular or hemispheric transient ischemic(More)
A review of hemorrhagic transformation after brain ischemia is presented. The pathological, clinical and radiological aspects are discussed with respect to recent studies. The different pathophysiological mechanisms (reperfusion, vascular rupture, size of infarction, timing of constitution) are reviewed. The role of the utilization of antithrombotic(More)