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Two irregular coccoid methanogens designated SEBR 4845T and FR1T were isolated from an oilfield in Alsace, France. Strain SEBR 4845T (T = type strain) is a hydrogenotrophic halotolerant methanogen, which grows optimally at 5% NaCI (w/v) and tolerates up to 12% NaCI. It does not use methylated compounds and therefore cannot be ascribed to any of the known(More)
An aerobic, Gram-negative, moderately halophilic bacterium, oxidase, and catalase positive-designated Abdou3T, was isolated from salted traditional foods (Anchovies) in Tunisia. Cells were rod-shaped, non-spore-forming and motile. Growth occurred at 15–45 °C (optimum, 37 °C), pH 5.5–8.75 (optimum, 7.3), and in the presence of 1–15 % NaCl (optimum, 10 %).(More)
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