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A 76 year old patient with a long history of headaches was found to have Paget's disease and communicating hydrocephalus. There were (otherwise) no neurological or musculo-skeletal manifestations of Paget's disease, but moderate impairment of intellectual function was present. Treatment with disphosphonates did not bring any significant improvement, but(More)
BACKGROUND Our clinical impression derived from >95% follow-up of patients was that our wound infection rate was higher than the 1-10% reported in the literature. The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence and risk factors for wound infection in open bariatric surgery. METHODS We queried our prospectively acquired bariatric surgery outcomes(More)
Fourteen patients with bony lesions of the thoracic wall, seven benign and seven malignant, were evaluated. In lesions with an aggressive appearance on plain films, computed tomography proved to be very accurate for mapping their extent, and for evaluating adjacent organ involvement. For non-aggressive bony lesions of the chest wall, plain films are(More)
A two-way television network using the Canadian satellite ANIK-B was utilized to transmit radiographic images from Northern Quebec to Montreal. The accuracy of the radiologist's interpretation and his satisfaction with the TV system were studied using a series of 67 preselected cases and 425 current clinical cases. The four participating radiologists gave(More)
We evaluated radiographs of the hands of 20 pianists. The radiologic manifestations arising from long-term stress and strain applied to the hands were recorded. The changes are characterized by: 1) alignment adaptation consisting of axial radial rotation of the digits, particularly the fifth but also the third and fourth, 2) degenerative changes at the(More)
BACKGROUND Morbidly obese individuals may have impaired alveolar-membrane diffusing capacity (DmCO). The purpose of this study was to measure pulmonary diffusing capacity for NO (DLNO) as an index of DmCO pre- and postbariatric surgery in the morbidly obese. METHODS Twenty-one patients [age = 40 +/- 9 years, body mass index (BMI) = 48.5 +/- 7.2 kg/m2](More)
Chemotherapy by intra-arterial infusion, using mitomycin C and 5-fluorouracil, was administered to six patients with cancer of the rectum. In three patients who presented initially with an inoperable rectal tumour, medication was infused through the inferior mesenteric artery. Tumour regression was documented in all three, allowing subsequent resection in(More)
BACKGROUND Morbidly obese individuals (ie, body mass index [BMI], > or = 40 kg/m2) may have a pulmonary gas exchange impairment due to the large fat mass surrounding their abdomen. PURPOSES To examine the effect of the waist-to-hip (W/H) ratio on pulmonary gas exchange in the morbidly obese. METHODS Twenty-five morbidly obese individuals (mean [+/- SD](More)