Jean-Loup Bensimon

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Computer-assisted navigation systems can now potentially guide the surgeon to the cochlea with a trajectory avoiding the facial nerve through a keyhole approach. Five temporal bone specimens, with 4 titanium screws placed in the mastoid cortex, were studied. Preoperative computed tomographic scan images were loaded on an electromagnetic computer-assisted(More)
Julia sets are examined as examples of strange objects which arise in the study of long time properties of simple dynamical systems. Technically they are the closure of the set of unstable cycles of analytic maps. Physically, they are sets of points which lead to chaotic behavior. The map f(z)= z2+ p is analyzed for smallp where the Julia set is a closed(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the sensitivity of the routine computed tomographic (CT) scan of the temporal bone coupled to a virtual endoscopy, with density threshold variation, in detecting small fistulas in human temporal bone specimens. DESIGN Single-blind, before-after trial. SETTING This study was carried out in a research laboratory in collaboration with a(More)
Acoustic neurinomas must be diagnosed as early as possible for the tumour to be removed while it is still small and the facial and, sometimes, auditory functions to be preserved. Since 89% of neurinomas lie on the vestibular nerve, enhancing the sensitivity of test exploring this nerve is important. Bilateral bithermal caloric stimulation is more sensitive(More)
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