Jean-Louis Schmitt

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Electrofusion of mammalian cells in strongly hypo-osmolar media containing sorbitol, small amounts of divalent cations and albumin resulted in high yields of hybrids. The number of viable hybrids was higher than any value for chemically- or electrically-mediated fusion reported in the literature. Optimum clone numbers were obtained for fusion of(More)
The psbA gene from higher plants, which codes for the atrazine herbicide binding protein of photosystem II (QB protein), has been recently sequenced by various laboratories. From these data there are two potential translation sites, one yielding a protein of 38,500 kd and another a protein of 34,500 kd. In the present study, cloned psbA gene sequences from(More)
The use of a disposable affinity column and low-melting-temperature agarose for the quantitative preparation of DNA restriction fragments is presented. After electrophoretic separation of DNA, the band(s) are excised and the DNA/agarose melted in a low-salt buffer. After cooling, the DNA is bound to an Elutip-d affinity column. Fragments are eluted at high(More)
Constitutional dynamics, self-assembly, and helical-folding control are brought together in the efficient Sc(OTf)3/microwave-catalyzed transimination of helical oligohydrazone strands, yielding highly diverse dynamic libraries of interconverting constituents through assembly, dissociation, and exchange of components. The transimination-type mechanism of the(More)
Islet xenografts immunisolated in alginate capsules have been proposed by many groups for clinical islet transplantation. However, diffusion limitations and the total volume of microcapsules required for transplantation are, among other things, factors which have so far prevented successful clinical application. In this study, these problems have been(More)
Sc(OTf)(3) efficiently catalyzes the self-sufficient transimination reaction between various types of C=N bonds in organic solvents, with turnover frequencies up to 3600 h(-)(1) and rate accelerations up to 6 x 10(5). The mechanism of the crossover reaction in mixtures of amines and imines is studied, comparing parallel individual reactions with coupled(More)
The flow-volume curves of 246 patients with dyspnoea on exertion were analysed. In the presence of normal lung volumes and capacities and normal airway resistance, 52% of the patients were found already to have pathologically changed forced expiration figures. In patients with non-bronchogenic disorders, a predominately inspiratory reduction in flow was(More)