Jean-Louis Robert

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In the R 3 Ga 5 SiO 14 compounds, the network R of rare earth cations form well separated planes of corner sharing triangles topologically equivalent to a kagomé lattice. Powder samples and single crystals with R = Nd and Pr were prepared and magnetostatic measurements were performed under magnetic field up to 10 T in the temperature range from 1.6 K to 400(More)
Inner ear fluids and cerebrospinal fluid show remarkably stable ionic concentrations, particularly that of K(+) and H(+), but the mechanisms which control the homeostasis of these media are not well understood. We investigated a possible role of the gastric H, K-ATPase (gH,K-ATPase) pump in this control since this pump is known to be expressed in other(More)
(2015) Formation of low-T hydrated silicates in modern microbialites from Mexico and implications for microbial fossilization. Microbialites are organo-sedimentary rocks found in abundance throughout the geological record back to ∼3.5 Ga. Interpretations of the biological and environmental conditions under which they formed rely on comparisons with modern(More)
1 Carboxylic acid sorption on synthetic clays in marine water: in vitro experiments and implications for organo-clay behaviour under marine conditions ABSTRACT In order to investigate the role of clay minerals in organic matter preservation, the fixation of pure organic compounds on two synthetic low-and high-charge saponites was investigated in laboratory(More)
This work investigates the dynamics by which the bom-bardier beetle releases a pulsed jet of uid as a defense mechanism. A mathematical model is proposed which takes the form of a pair of piecewise continuous dierential equations with dependent v ariables as uid pressure and quantity of reactant. The model is shown to exhibit an eective equilibrium point(More)
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