Jean-Louis Perrin

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The aim of this study was to better understand the fate of nutrients discharged by sewage treatment plants into an intermittent Mediterranean river, during a low-flow period. Many pollutants stored in the riverbed during the low-flow period can be transferred to the downstream environments during flood events. The study focused on two processes that affect(More)
This paper analyzes how changes in hydrological conditions can affect the water quality of a temporary river that receives direct inputs of sewage effluents. Data from 12 spatial surveys of the Vène river were examined. Physico-chemical parameters, major ion, and nutrient concentrations were measured. Analyses of variance (ANOVA) and multivariate analyses(More)
Soil erosion studies, based on the 137Cs technique, require a lot of time-consuming cores to determine soil loss or gain. We show that portable HP-Ge spectrometer can be used to determine the content and the distribution in the soil of natural and artificial radionuclides. Simulations of gamma-rays transport throughout the soil profile used a Monte Carlo(More)
Intermittent Mediterranean rivers show long draught periods interrupted by floods of high intensity and short duration. Their channel network structure is also highly variable in space and time. Water quality dynamics in these rivers is highly impacted by this specific hydrological behaviour. During the dry period, the river channel may dry up completely(More)
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