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AIMS We sought to assess the efficacy and safety of everolimus-eluting stents for unprotected left main disease. METHODS AND RESULTS A total of 173 consecutive patients with de novo significant unprotected left main stenosis received an everolimus-eluting stent in four French centres. Among them, 140 (81 %) had involvement of the distal portion of left(More)
The authors report 11 cases of spikes occurring under bepridil treatment. It concerns an elderly population, predominantly female, receiving most of the time 300 mg of bepridil. The frequency of associated hypokalemic or arrhythmic medications is emphasized. The comparison of these results to those from other series in the literature, enables to propose(More)
Provisional side branch (SB) stenting is the recommended treatment strategy in the vast majority of bifurcation lesions. Over the past 10 years, advances in fundamental knowledge have led to a better understanding and to improvements of this technical approach. This strategy has reached maturity, and long-term clinical results are now comparable to those of(More)
Secondary prevention of myocardial infarction includes all measures likely to reduce morbidity and mortality after the infarction. It is a highly heterogeneous concept applied to a highly heterogeneous disease. The natural history of myocardial infarction, which must be known to determine the frequency of critical events and hence devise a trial, is(More)
Three cases of interstitial pneumopathy secondary to amiodarone are reported, in addition to almost 200 cases previously published in the literature. The main clinical, radiological, biological and evolutive characteristics are reminded in emphasizing the advantages of bronchioalveolar irrigation. Some factors seem to be predisposing, without any definite(More)
Left ventricular ejection impediment is one of the complications of mitral valve replacement, especially in case of isolated mitral stenosis with small left ventricle. The use of a "low profile" valve does not prevent this complication. The diagnosis is based on catheterization but the advent of the ultrasound-Doppler may make it easier.
Five hundred patients with a mean age of 59 years were followed up for an average of 32 months after coronary angioplasty. All patients were included in a prospective study comprising coronary angiography at 6 months for 379 patients (91% primary successes). The long-term outcome was evaluated by a questionnaire or telephone interview in all cases. The(More)
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