Jean - Louis Hébert

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Winged helix transcription factors play important roles in cellular differentiation and cell-specific gene expression. To define the role of the winged helix factor hepatocyte nuclear factor/forkhead homologue (HFH)-4, a targeted mutation was created in the mouse hfh-4 gene. No expression of HFH-4 was detected in hfh-4(-)/- mice by RNA blot analysis, in(More)
Skin cancers are a rising menace as their incidence increases, attributed in part to increasing ultraviolet radiation exposure. This increasing problem has stimulated efforts to devise useful preventive approaches. The uncertain efficacy of exhortations to avoid sun exposure and to use protective clothing and sunscreens to reduce damage when exposed argue(More)
Acute intoxication by diethylene glycol (LD 50) in male rats is associated with a considerable urinary excretion of oxalate, which is significantly decreased by alkalinisation and/or intraperitoneal injection of ethanol with hydration. Mortality during the five days following intoxication is significantly decreased by major hydration only or together with(More)
The haemodynamic effect of a single 12 mg intravenous dose of piretanide was assessed in 11 patients with congestive heart failure. It dit not cause any change in cardiac output, heart rate or systemic vascular resistance, whereas the pulmonary wedge, mean pulmonary and right atrial pressures and pulmonary blood volume fell progressively, the difference(More)
Two groups of worksite employees (58 in a control, 53 in an experimental group) underwent three 90-min. educational sessions designed to increase participation in exercise. At the end of the third session, experimental subjects were asked to complete a structured statement of exercise intention which addressed the major barrier to exercise. Two weeks(More)
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