Jean-Louis Bussière

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Twenty-five cases of polyarticular septic arthritis (PASA) were observed in our department over a 13-year period. They accounted for 16.6% of all septic arthritis (15% on average in the literature). A male predominance was noted in our patients, as well as in the literature. The knee was the most frequent location followed by the elbow, shoulder, and hip,(More)
Studies were performed to compare in vitro and in vivo effects of morphine on the phagocytic function of murine peritoneal macrophages. Macrophage monolayers were incubated with Candida albicans for 30 min in the absence of autologous serum. Morphine added in vitro was found to decrease both the phagocytic activity (percent of phagocytic cells) and the(More)
Female C3HeB/FeJ mice implanted with a morphine pellet exhibit a decreased primary antibody response in vitro as measured by the plaque-forming cell (PFC) assay. Suppression was detected at 24 hr following pellet implantation, was maximal at 48 hr and returned to normal by 120 hr. Splenocytes from control mice cocultured with splenocytes from(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess changes in the distribution and resistance of the pathogens responsible for septic arthritis over a 20 year period in patients admitted to the same hospital unit. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospective study of the hospital records of patients admitted between 1979 and 1998 for septic arthritis with positive microbiological diagnosis after(More)
Receptor-selective opioid agonists have been found to suppress the capacity of macrophages to ingest opsonized sheep erythrocytes. In an effort to characterize the immunomodulatory activity of opioids further, experiments were done to examine the uptake of Candida albicans by opioid-treated murine peritoneal macrophages. It was found that treatment with(More)
Epileptic seizures can produce dislocations or fractures of the limbs and vertebral compression fractures. We tried to determine the clinical and radiological features of the latter in 8 patients: 6 men and 2 women including one aged only 41 years. The often multiple compression fractures involved the first thoracic (n = 3) and the intermediate thoracic (n(More)
Morphine treatment has been shown to suppress several immunologic parameters. In this study, we examined the effects of morphine pellet implantation in vivo on the primary antibody response measured in vitro in various mouse strains. Effects of mouse strain and sex on morphine-induced suppression of the plaque-forming cell response, as well as spleen weight(More)
To determine the external force that induces maximal deoxygenation of brachioradialis muscle 32 trained male subjects maintained isometric contractions using the elbow flexor muscles up to the limit time (isotonic part of the isometric contraction, IIC) and beyond that time for 120 s (anisotonic part of the isometric contraction). During IIC each subject(More)
Connective tissue diseases are a rare and poorly understood etiology of trigeminal neuropathy. In a retrospective multicentric study covering 12 years. 12 cases were identified in the archives of the Departments of Neurology, Rheumatology and Internal Medicine: 4 were associated with progressive systemic sclerosis. 4 with mixed connective tissue diseases(More)