Jean-Lois Horn

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A multicenter randomized double-blind trial on the use of synthetic salmon calcitonin (SCT) was carried out in 94 patients with acute pancreatitis. In addition to strict standard treatment--without aprotinin, atropine, or antacids--50 patients received daily 3 x 20 micrograms = 300 MRCU SCT intravenously and 44 patients received placebo for 6 days.(More)
Patients diagnosed with breast cancer may opt to undergo surgical reconstructive flaps at the time of or after mastectomies. These surgeries leave patients with significant postoperative pain and sometimes involve large surgical beds including graft sites from the abdomen to reconstruct the breast. Consequently, multimodal methods of pain management have(More)
  • J Horn
  • 1983
14 patients with severe acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis underwent surgical procedure. In all patients besides intensive care and operative necrosectomy, lavage and drainage a loop ileostoma was installed. Pathophysiological considerations concerning the value of the loop ileostoma in the treatment of acute pancreatitis are discussed.
A prospective study was performed in 156 patients with acute pancreatitis to find out the value of computed tomography for the diagnosis and early prognosis. The CT finding leads to a diagnosis and differentiation in 3 risk groups similar to the clinical staging. The prognostic value of CT depends on the reproducible grading of pancreatic swelling and the(More)