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We analyze geomorphic evidence of recent crustal deformation in the sub-Himalaya of central Nepal, south of the Kathmandu Basin. The Main Frontal Thrust fault (MFT), which marks the southern edge of the sub-Himalayan fold belt, is the only active structure in that area. Active fault bend folding at the MFT is quantified from structural geology and fluvial(More)
What would happen if a different eye, culturally and historically sensitized by an excursion through forms of apprenticeship in different parts of the world, e-rrc turned on specific contemporary cultural and historical features of learning .. as these are situated in communities of practice in tht United States? I <. l i h t ~ rh:jn turning to school-like(More)
[1] Quantification of denudation in the Transverse Ranges of California permits reconstruction of spatial and temporal variations in erosion that represent both the response and evolution of interacting hillslopes and channels. On the southern front of the San Gabriel Mountains, observational records of the infilling of debris basins and dams define(More)
The Himalayan orogen has produced three thrust earthquakes with moment magnitude (Mw) 7.8 to 8.5 during the past century, yet no surface ruptures associated with these great earthquakes have been documented. Here, we present paleoseismic evidence from east central Nepal that, since approximately 700 A.D., a single earthquake ruptured the Frontal Thrust(More)
The magnitude of atmospheric cooling during the Last Glacial Maximum and the timing of the transition into the current interglacial period remain poorly constrained in tropical regions, partly because of a lack of suitable climate records. Glacial moraines provide a method of reconstructing past temperatures, but they are relatively rare in the tropics.(More)
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