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A three dimensional (3-D) realistic radar simulation package including imaging radar simulation concept applied to multisensor scenarios is under development as a project between the Electromagnetism and Radar Department of ONERA and the OKTAL SE Company. Taking advantage of various studies in the domain, this partnership associates the expertise of ONERA(More)
Tools for electromagnetic simulation, such as SPECRAY EM / FERMAT, a jointed development of OKTAL SE company and French ONERA EM research centre, are well adapted to RCS or ISAR image computations down to millimetre wavelength for high realistic targets described using detailed CAD files. Moreover, this type of tool can be efficiently used in order to(More)
The simulation workshop CHORALE of the French DGA is used by government services and industrial companies for weapon system validation and qualification trials in the infrared domain, and detection of moving vehicles in the acoustic domain. Recently, acoustic simulation tests were performed on the 3D geometrical database of the DGA/DCE/ETBS proving ground.(More)
Guidance of weapon systems relies on sensors to analyze targets signature. Defense weapon systems also need to detect then identify threats also using sensors. One important class of sensors are millimeter waves radar systems. However, such sensors systems are so complex that they need simulation to be tested. In this context, the SE-Workbench-RF tool is(More)
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