Jean Lahoud

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To compare the ability of equipotent doses of neostigmine, pyridostigmine and edrophonium to antagonize intense pancuronium neuromuscular blockade, one hundred and twenty ASA physical status I or II patients scheduled for elective surgery received 0.06 pancuronium during a thiopentone nitrous oxide-enflurane anaesthetic. Train-of-four stimulation(More)
The synergistic effect of pancuronium bromide (PCB) and d-tubocurarine (DTC) on the onset time of neuromuscular blockade was tested in 108 ASA physical status I and II adults anaesthetized with thiopentone, nitrous oxide and halothane. Either saline or a small (priming) dose (DTC, 0.04 mg X kg-1, or PCB, 0.007 mg X kg-1) was administered 3 min before a(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Treatment and outcome of sub-trochanteric fractures are at the origin of many problems. The aim of this study was to evaluate the superiority of the "Gamma Nail". MATERIAL AND METHODS Two homogenous groups of patients were studied. Each group had 40 patients. The osteosynthesis performed in the first group (Group I) was an "angular"(More)
We report a case and review concerning literature of intrinsic locking of the metacarpophalangeal joint. These lockings are usually due commonly to degenerative arthritis of the joint, rarely to an abnormal shape of the head of metacarpal or intraarticular loose bodies. They should be differentiated from the extension lag of proximal interphalangeal joint(More)
A case of false aneurysm of the femoral artery due to an exostosis of the distal end of the femur is reported. The clinical diagnosis was confirmed by sonography and, especially, by a digitalized arteriography. The CT-scan showed the perforation of the arterial wall by the exostosis. The surgical operation involved the resection of the exostosis, the(More)
RGB-D sensors are popular in the computer vision community , especially for problems of scene understanding, semantic scene labeling , and segmentation. However, most of these methods depend on reliable input depth measurements, while discarding unreliable ones. This paper studies how reliable depth values can be used to correct the unreliable ones, and how(More)
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