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Few data are available on tuberculosis (TB) drug resistance patterns in Papua New Guinea (PNG) due to the lack of facilities for mycobacterial culture. Many patients from the Western Province seek care in Queensland health clinics in the Torres Strait. Since 2000, we have treated 161 TB cases from PNG, of whom 40 proved to have multidrug-resistant TB(More)
Chemically reactive drugs and drugs that form reactive metabolites often cause idiosyncratic drug reactions (IDRs); however, not all such drugs are associated with IDRs. Most IDRs appear to be immune mediated; therefore, the ability of a drug to induce an immune response may be the determinant of which drugs will cause IDRs. Inflammasome activation plays an(More)
Most nucleus-encoded chloroplast proteins rely on an N-terminal transit peptide (TP) as a post-translational sorting signal for directing them to the organelle. Although Toc159 is known to be a receptor for specific preprotein TPs at the chloroplast surface, the mechanism for its own targeting and integration into the chloroplast outer membrane is not(More)