Jean-Jacques Zondy

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We report on specific signatures of self-phase-locking in a cw frequency divide-by-three optical parametric oscillator subject to two competing chi(2) nonlinear processes that couple the signal and idler subharmonic waves. The self-phase-locked pair appears as a broad fringe dip within the mode-pair cluster. We have also observed Hopf instabilities of the(More)
We report on the generation of coherent mid-infrared radiation around 5.85 μm by difference frequency generation (DFG) of a continuous-wave Nd:YAG laser at 1064 nm and a diode laser at 1301 nm in an orientation-patterned gallium phosphide (OP-GaP) crystal. We provide the first characterization of the linear, thermo-optic, and nonlinear properties of OP-GaP(More)
We report on a laser source at 589 nm based on sum-frequency generation of two infrared laser at 1064 nm and 1319 nm. Output power as high as 800 mW is achieved starting from 370 mW at 1319 nm and 770 mW at 1064 nm, corresponding to converting roughly 90% of the 1319 nm photons entering the cavity. The power and frequency stability of this source are(More)
Type-I phase matching for second-harmonic generation at 10.6 microm in LiGaTe(2) is demonstrated by using a tunable single-frequency continuous-wave CO(2) laser, and the nonlinear coefficient of LiGaTe(2) is determined from comparison with AgGaSe(2). The effective nonlinearity of LiGaTe(2) for this process amounts to 34.5 pm/V.
We demonstrate continuous-wave cascaded optical parametric oscillation in which the signal field of the primary parametric oscillator internally pumps the secondary parametric oscillator. Wavelength tuning is achieved with temperature tuning and a fan-out grating structure of a dual-grating periodically poled lithium niobate crystal. Above the secondary(More)
Intracavity second-harmonic generation of a diode-pumped Nd:YLiF(4) ring laser oscillating on the sigma-polarized (4)F(3/2) - (4)I(13/2) transition (lambda(omega) ~ 1314 nm) with a temperature-tuned periodically poled KTiOPO(4) (ppKTP) crystal is reported, yielding up to 0.92 W tunable (lambda(2omega) = 656-658 nm) single-frequency output. Evidence of(More)
We report on a widely (2.25 THz or 75 cm(-1)) and rapidly (4.5 THz/s) mode-hop-free (MHF) tunable mid-IR laser source at ~3.3 μm, consisting of a 5%-MgO:LiNbO(3) singly resonant optical parametric oscillator (SRO) pumped by an automated broadly MHF tunable extended-cavity diode laser (ECDL). The broad and rapid MHF tuning capability of the ECDL is readily(More)
A continuous-wave signal-resonant optical parametric oscillator is frequency stabilized at the kilohertz jitter level to the transmission peak of an external high finesse Fabry-Perot cavity, allowing a widely tunable mode-hop-free idler scan over 500 GHz.
Progress toward the achievement of a compact, subkilohertz resolution difference-frequency spectrometer to probe narrow saturated molecular transitions in the 9–11 m range is reported. The spectrometer, presently generating 40 nW of infrared (IR) power [8], uses a type-I cut AgGaS2 crystal located in a dual-cavity resonator design. A frequency-stabilized(More)