Jean-Jacques Zondy

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A continuous-wave signal-resonant optical parametric oscillator is frequency stabilized at the kilohertz jitter level to the transmission peak of an external high finesse Fabry-Perot cavity, allowing a widely tunable mode-hop-free idler scan over 500 GHz.
We report on a laser source at 589 nm based on sum-frequency generation of two infrared laser at 1064 nm and 1319 nm. Output power as high as 800 mW is achieved starting from 370 mW at 1319 nm and 770 mW at 1064 nm, corresponding to converting roughly 90% of the 1319 nm photons entering the cavity. The power and frequency stability of this source are(More)
—Progress on the development of a frequency chain devoted to the absolute frequency measurement of 127 I 2-stabilized lasers around 563.2 THz/532 nm is reported. The aim of this work is the improvement of the accuracy—by at least one order of mag-nitude—of the absolute frequency of this standard. The scheme is based on the frequency combination of two(More)
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