Jean-Jacques Moraine

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Objective. Laryngeal edema secondary to endotracheal intubation may require early re-intubation. Prior to extubation the absence of leak around an endotracheal tube may predict laryngeal edema after extubation. We evaluated the usefulness of a quantitative assessment of such a leak to identify the patients who will require early re-intubation for laryngeal(More)
Objective.To determine the frequency of use and attitudes towards prone positioning in patients with acute respiratory failure. Design and setting.Verbal questionnaire survey in all 79 intensive care units in French-speaking Belgium. Methods.Of the 79 ICUs 29 performed prone-positioning, and 25 agreed to participate in the questionnaire. Measurements and(More)
Aerobic exercise capacity is decreased at altitude because of combined decreases in arterial oxygenation and in cardiac output. Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction could limit cardiac output in hypoxia. We tested the hypothesis that acetazolamide could improve exercise capacity at altitude by an increased arterial oxygenation and an inhibition of hypoxic(More)
PURPOSE The estimation of total-body skeletal muscle mass (SMM) has been predicted in healthy adults using anthropometric measurements and urine creatinine excretion. SMM measurement is compulsory to evaluate exercise performance and the influence of physical training on muscle mass. However, there is a lack of information on children and adolescents when(More)
Measurements of toe temperature and transcutaneous PO2 (PtcO2) have been both suggested for non-invasive assessment of peripheral blood flow in acute circulatory failure. The underlying principle of the two methods is that cutaneous vasoconstriction occurs early when tissue perfusion is altered. In 15 patients, we compared the two measurements during(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic aerosols are commonly used in mechanically ventilated patients. The position of the nebulizer in the ventilator circuit and the humidification of inhaled gases can influence the efficiency of aerosol delivery. We evaluated the effect of nebulizer position on the pulmonary bioavailability of nebulized ipratropium in ventilated patients(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Acute mountain sickness (AMS) may be an early stage of high altitude cerebral edema. If so, AMS could result from an alteration of dynamic autoregulation of cerebral blood flow resulting in overperfusion of capillaries and vasogenic cerebral edema. METHODS We measured middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity (Vmca) by transcranial(More)
BACKGROUND There are very little scientific data on occlusion pressure for superficial lymphatic collectors. Given its importance in determining the transport capacity of lymphatic vessels, it is crucial to know its value. The novel method of near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging (NIRFLI) can be used to visualize lymphatic flow in real time. The goal(More)
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